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Quote of the Week

Sucking at something is the first step to being sort good at something”    - Jake the Dog

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Consider Phlebas
by Ian M Banks

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Kiki Rockwell, Jungle, Jessica Curry & Caravan Palace


Harrison Willmott

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Quote of the Week

Sucking at something is the first step to being sort good at something”    - Jake the Dog

Currently reading

The Gunslinger by Steven King

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Kiki Rockwell, Jungle, City & Color & Caravan Palace


MA VRImmersive Training xR UXZPM FellowshipSWCTNXR Design3D Art


Immersive training


Creative Production

Creative Technologies

Zero Point Motion Fellowship

SWCTN Fellowship

Creative production work from the distant past

Miscellaneous Creative work that requires a certain level of
leadership, logistics and labour to achieve.


I’ve produced three limited run podcasts over the years all themed around conversations about the people and projects in the realms of creative technology. 

The first two were produced as part of my time at the Southwest Creative Technology Network  and were called The SWCTP & Immersive Talk.
The latter documents a few conversations between myself and other fellows in the 'Immersion' cohort of the first round of SWCTN fellowships.

The former series was called 'The Southwest Creative Technology Podcast'  and was all about just that: people and projects doing creative tech things in the Southwest, this was produced with the help of Lukus Robbins.

Both series can be listened to via this playlist on Youtube

The final podcast I produced was called Scintillating Macrocosmsand was a limited series interviewing VR artists selling their work on the blockchain. It was supported by the 'Lessons From Now' initiative from SWCTN during the 2020 lock down and can be found  via Acast.


Taking pictures is just a hobby now and I enjoy capturing moments here and there just for me. I
f you were to look deeper into my photogrphy you may find the following themes:

People working >>> On sets, layers of performance/reality

Fashion portrait >>> Clothing as boundary between us and our space

Human events >>> Capturing shared moments & overlooked intimacy

Self Portrait >>> Myself, introspection in light & frame

Below is a small gallery of some of my favourite photos I’ve taekn over the years.


At age 14 I had the opportunity to make a short stop motion animation called Tim’s BIG Adventure which was a fair success, you can watch it here. (This is hosted on Vimeo which you will need an account to watch.
Over the years I was involved in a variety of film productions in the southwest in a variety of roles, my favourites being  editor or AD.
Filmmaking forms the foundation of my creative adventures in life and I don’t have a great deal of evidence that would stand up as relevent to my work today. It’s mostly random light experiments or editing studies and pratting around with a camera. (Also viewable via vimeo)
Generally I know that my passion for visual perception and sense of how to read media critically come from this early period of my life when I consumed and produced a lot of audiovisual content.
One of the last things I did before moving on from filmmaking was an attempt at a ‘daily’ vlog which was popular at the time, you can find them on my youtube channel amongst a few other odd bits of filmmaking.