Decentralised Art

Also known as Cryptoart

What is Decentralised Art?

Decentralised art is art which is hosted with blockchain technology. It effectively enables digital artworks to have legitimate, traceible ownership and also allows artists to be paid in the secondary and third markets.

Cryptoart is a genre of Decentralised art. Identifiable markers of cryptoart are cryptocurrency iconography and symbolism, content containing or referring to topical political or community events and figures.

Much of the art I sell on the decentralised art markets is not what I would class as ‘Cryptoart’ but just general Digital Art.

What kind of art do I sell?

Mostly flat rendered self portraits derived from photogrammetry scans. I've also sold videos of VR sculptures and voxel artworks.

Photogrammetry self portraits

Sci-fi voxel scenes

Cryptoart / Reactive community art