Scintillating Macrocosms

A limited series interviewing VR artists selling their work on the blockchain. Supported by the 'Lessons From Now' initiative from SWCTN during the 2020 lock down.

Available to listen via Acast:

The SWCTP & Immersive Talk

Archived podcasts from two series also supported by the Southwest Creative Technology Network.

The latest series called simply 'The Southwest Creative Technology Podcast' is all about just that: people and projects doing creative tech things in the Southwest, this was produced with the help of Lukus Robbins.

The earliest called is 'Immersive talk' and documents a few conversations between myself and other fellows in the 'Immersion' cohort of the first round of SWCTN fellowships.

Both series can be listened to via this playlist on Youtube:

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Digital Sculpture

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