What I want to do

I want to create scintilating immersive experiences that become macrocosms of beguiling delight.

To help me do this, I’m supported by a broad range of skills and experiences that come from a venn diagram of work, research and curiosity that span the film, design and entertainment industries.

I started as an Illustrator, Photographer then Filmmaker.

I worked in Entertainment, then in Health.

I’ve researched immersion, performance and perception.

I’ve designed Graphics, Games and built whole worlds.

I studied a Masters in VR and create art using extended reality tools like photogrammetry and Tiltbrush.

See below for examples of my past and present projects.

VR Art

Decentralised Art


The GAUZE (MA project)

Flat media

Work History


07/2019 – Present

Extended Realities Creative

Limina Immersive

04/2019 – 03/2020

VR Host & Supervisor

Torbay Hospital VR Lab

01/2018 – 03/2019

360 Filmmaker & Lab associate

Select Clients


Royal Opera House

Encounters SFF



Core Skills

XR/AR/VR ideation

& development,

Immersion design,

UI/UX design,

World building,

Spatial design,

360 Filmmaking,

Graphic design,

Podcast production,




Immerse UK

Bristol VR Lab