From early 2020 until early 2023, I created, minted and sold Cryptoart!

What is Cryptoart?

Cryptoart is digital art that has been written into the blockchain as an NFT or Non Fungible Token. Cryptoart saw a spike in popularity during 2021 and generally became known as "NFTs".

NFTs can be used for a variety of different applications but are generally associated with art on the blockchain by mainstream media.

What kind of art have I sold?

Mostly flat rendered self portraits derived from photogrammetry scans. I've also sold videos of VR sculptures, 3D models and voxel artworks. For a time I was the Known Origin Ambassador for XR artists!

Here's a few links to my work on various platforms:

Photogrammetry self portraits

Sci-fi voxel scenes

Cryptoart / Reactive community art

Collaborative mental health themed art

UX & Play Testing


Video production

ZPM Fellowship

Digital Sculpture

Podcast Archive

Masters in VR




SWCTN Fellowship

3D Modelling