SWCTN Fellowship

In 2018 the South West Creative Technology Network accepted me and 26 other fellows into a cohort themed around IMMERSION. I was amongst the ‘New Talent’ fellows within the cohort, others being either of the academic or industry category.

Durinh the fellowship I explored how immersive technology could be best used in health and care contexts and focused my experimentation on 360 video training for non-technical skills.

I was awarded a grant of 10k over 10 months to support my fellowship and wsa invited to a great many events and activities.

It was using some of the grant that I was able to apply for and fund my Masters Degree.

During the Fellowship I produced a limited run of two series of podcasts, the first called ‘immersive talk’ and the second called ' the southwest creative technology podcast'. both intending to continue but didn’t find the funding to continue production. you can listen to them via the podcasts page.

The main take away from my fellowship was a deeper understanding of immersion and the technological and user experience design choices needed to achieve the hightended sense of presence sought by immersive experience designers… [reword]

I also came out with a solid understanding of how to produce 360 training

videos and their application in the health and care training industry.

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